Regularly getting parents and kids together for a shared experience is a key element of our strategy. We have created 6 opportunities in 2018 for parents and kids to share a learning environment in the same room. The purpose of these events are to help engage you and your child in worship together, connect you with other families and keep you informed on what your child is learning. 

Mark your calendar for these 2018 dates: 

Preschool FX

March 24th (Registration opens Feb. 1st)

June 12th (Registration Open)

September 28th (Registration opens Aug. 1st) 


Elementary FX

June 10th (No registration needed)

August 10th (Registration opens June 1st)

December 1st (Registration opens Oct. 1st) 

Registration for Preschool FX June 12th 

WHEN: June 12th at 6pm

BIKES and TRIKES is a one-hour free event where you:

Bring a bike or trike, Get a free dinner for your family,  Go through the “Bikes and Trikes Wash Station”, make decorations and a license plate for your bike or trike, Participate in a super fun Bikes and Trikes Parade

Get free Kona Ice for all the kids!

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WHO: Preschool Families  

For questions feel free to contact Dylan Bjorklund (Children's Minister)

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