Need a Portal and Mobile Account?

Creating an Account

1. Go to

2. Click “Are You New? Create an Account”


Enter E-mail Address 

3. Type your email address into the white box

4. Click “ Next Step >> ”

(When you click "Next Step >>" a security code should have been emailed to the email address you entered)


Enter Security Code

5. Type the security code emailed to you in the white box

6. Click “ Next Step >> ”


Set Up Account

7. Enter first & last name (if not already populated)

8. Enter your new password in the “Password” box

9. Enter password again in the “confirm Password” box

10. Select Birthdate in the drop box

11. Select Gender

12. Select Campus in the dropbox (North is default)

13. Click “Next Step >>”

14. Click “Get Started” at bottom of message


Terms and Conditions

15. Check "Agree"

16. Click "Next Step >>" 


My Info - Personal Information 

17. Personal information - Name, address, photo, phone, email, etc. can be added and edited from this screen.

18. Click “Save Changes” at bottom of screen to save all your input.


Change Password

1. Once you are logged in find “Login Information” at the bottom of your profile page

2. Enter in the new password desired in the “new password” box

3. Type it again in the "confirm password” box

4. Select “Save My Changes” at the bottom of the screen


Accessing the Plum Creek App

1. Search "Plum Creek Christian Church" in App Store or Google Play Store

2. Download the app

3. Once downloaded open the app and select the menu button in the top left hand corner

4. Select "Login" at the bottom of the menu options

5. Use the login information from your portal account to login then select "LOGIN"


What can I do with the App once I login?

Register for events, view the church directory, listen to past sermons, check-in your family on Sunday Morning, and also view various ways to stay connected.